Knowing the person you’re going to marry before you even met them?

So always throughout the years l’ve been going these creepy feelings and ordeals of knowing the person or persons liter am going to marry and it’s very funny because l’m not actively looking for anyone, in fact, l avoided most dating request as I’m too busy getting my actual being in order.

But then there are moments when l’ll be watching something or l’ll learn someone with his shape( liter know, how could l maybe know this) from behind and my center would roughly stop. I’d then start getting really emotional( almost always when l think too much about it, end up in tears and go into a bit of a stupefy shortly after ). Has anyone else experienced this?

PS I is able to be lonely? Haha. Though liter don’t foresee liter am as this is not a regular presence. It happens in moments – life moves and then there are these random instants where l feel his attendance or strange things, like seeing someone from behind and BAM! it sheds me off and l become unbalanced. It’s like life-time stores, prompting me of him. For instance, it’s like l knew him and then he died. Now I have these quirky feelings and know-hows of him in random moments. Regrets for not showing myself more clearly. Thanks for reading.

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