Deep Thoughts – The Akashic record, and the soul

When you listen narrations addressing the akashic record, and how lore imbues the universe, I find an interesting connection with those who have had near-death know-hows. When a consciousness is said to leave the body, I asked myself, how could it be that the spirit could return? One might fantasize the soul a small physical thing, like an atom. How would an atom know to return to the body? I feel that the answer is the soul isn’t like an atom. It must be like quanta – from quantum mechanics. It’s a thing that definitely exists, but it’s location is like a fog, a likelihood movement. Since the akashic record are considered to be everywhere at once, I got to thinking. Much discussion exists involving quantum intrigue, and how two quanta are linked through gap, communicating regardless of distance. The are of the view that the akashic record can be accessed, and is being accessed from those who can, from any location anywhere is too similar to “whats goin on” with entanglement. Could it be that the soul itself shall form a part of the akashic record? It would make sense that as long as the gloom of the person( thought of as quanta) overlaps the body, it can pop back into it if milieu are right. How large-scale is overcast that is the soul? It meets more sense if the mind was tied into the akashic record. I wouldn’t study the feeling would be limited to a small fog area. I construct no agreements – just thinking deeply.

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