Empath feeling alien

I’m a penetrating empath. I feel like I have a completely different idea of adore, moral codes, liaison etiquette, workplace courtesy, than most other beings I have ever met. So numerous people read things as black and white. I feel like I could never meet anyone that understands the intangible thoughts I think about all the time, perhaps exclusively columnists I read.

It is so disturbing and I feel like I’m the only one they actually feels feelings sometimes, they the whole world is can be crazed. Even if someone is slightly autistic it’ll stick out like a absces digit to me, be incredibly observable. I have infancy remembrances of me crying so distraught and my oldest brother just laughing at me, as if I’m a fucking animal in a zoo or something! No, I’m not bipolar. To me that’s not regular to not feel sad when watching others sadness.

I’ve spoken to homeless people, given them encouragement, given them a lot of money, other people react as if I’m crazy. Am I the crazy one? It blows my subconsciou when no one else is realise discussion checking up on some of these parties !!

Television is so brutal a great deal of the time. I don’t understand who could enjoy watching that.

A lot of people “re going through” rapports like they go through red-hot dinners and feel nothing. I don’t understand it and questioned myself for actually having strong feelings.

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