Is death just like blinking? Is there more to that then just what we see?

This is for actual fatality but it can be metaphorical. I had a dream earlier.

I was supposed to save everybody from some expletive and neglected miserably. Everybody started dying one by one and eventually that left exclusively me once all other parties had passed on. There was a extremely steep fall asleep near the house – more like a manor – that lead to concrete and a rapid intention to my whatever passage I had.

So, without my verify I knew I had to go along with it otherwise something bad would happen. So, without thoughts or any control it felt like – I did. I was frightened at first and thought that would be it and that would be the end of me. Suddenly, I blinked downwards. It was instant before I even affected the anchor.

This dream gave me a uncertain clue to my questions about death. Would that mean when we die there is a period of time where we blink? By blinking – I mean we are not aware of what is going on( no view, feeling, touch, phone – anything) but technically that is not true because we are just “waiting” for our atmosphere or our consciousness to get prepared to “leave” our person or to prepare itself? It seems like a very odd waiting process for us to go through – hence why people say “nothing” after death when in reality beings have also seen light passageways and doorways in the darkness as well during NDE.

I literally procured myself dumbfounded when I acquire myself down on the floor. I do not even recall I blinked not once during that. I simply witnessed myself on the anchor safe and sound – but most probably a spirit now than person or persons. I think so anyways! And there are two types of blinking – a black out – which is just when a person is unaware of anything going on for an extremely short extent of term be accompanied by an OBE and NDE.

And eventually a – total blink – which is where you instantly find yourself outside of your figure already without any waiting period. You are just already there mostly. So is death like blinking virtually? I ought to have having curious questions about death lately and trying to astral campaign but I was get worried I would not able to do that. And abruptly this very odd and melancholy dream comes up related to my fatality fears.

From this dream alone – my frights of fatality have actually went down quite dramatically. I do not even feel worried about death anymore. I have my ideas in place and will know when my period is over where I “il be going” whether I blink or not. By not – I mean total blink where I merely end up wherever the Universe thinks is right for my intent to go in the Astral Planes. While there is still fear of dying – it is no longer as strong or as powerful. I am going to move on from the dream now because it was in the past but what do you all ponder?

Has anybody had an NDE same to anything I said? Did you exactly find yourself glancing above your person instantly if something happened to your organization? Or was there a brief period of nothingness and suddenly you noted yourself above your torso? I want to hear it!

Anyways – you all have a good day!

And stay safe!

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