Does the Dark Night ever end? How DID it end for you?

I am suffering so deeply, without any significant periods of ease that I wonder just HOW being ok again could even was like. The tides of darkness affecting me are so all-encompassing that any sliver of hope feels out of my reaching most of the time.

Yet like a supernatural I soldiered on for over a year now, somehow enduring and not giving up.

I have no idea who I am anymore, my part life history feels like it’s been a departure suffering in retrospect( it was tough, but there WERE good times ). The future looks like an endless hollow of affliction right now. The darkness only won’t relent!

It would imply a great deal to me if some of you who have been there and came out mended could share some hope and profundity [?]

Thank You !!!!

EDIT: wow, so many musing replies! Thank you thank you expressed appreciation for

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