Purchased crystals for the first time

So today was a very interesting day as I’ve been having an ever increasing urge to find a quartz. So I discovered a highly-rated supernatural store in my area and decided to satisfy my shame.

I came across a mystic topaz reverberating, very beautiful with 5 stones on it. I tried it on my left end and it literally started my hands to visibly shake. The mystic in front of me said “that signifies it has a lot of energy and you can’t wear it on that hand”. So I switched the ring and residence it on my helping hand and and instant felt this soothing feeling in my center chakra, unusually harmonious. I queried the mystic and the store proprietor( who’s also a psychic) and they told me that these stones are for spiritual communications; exactly what I had been asking my force steers for. Now they didn’t elaborate further on the crystal’s properties because they wanted me to do my own study to not force my mind or something like that.

I came across a dark colored garnet stone bracelet that the clairvoyant said I are necessary to grounding. As soon as I sat it on my wrist it felt very comfortable. But when I take it off I literally feel an irritation in my wrist. When I settled it back on, the ache goes away. I tried this on 3 separate occasions this evening!

I personally feel immense with all of my crystals today. I just find these interactions with them so intriguing, as you may have suspected, I’ve never had these experiences before!

What do you guys make about the initial action I had with the ring? And what do you think about my interactions with the bangle?

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