Reptilians Native To Earth and the Dinosaurs (Part 1)

Some beings get confused when it comes to the origin of the reptilians. Of direction, this is a reasonably common sticking point for those searching for the truth because there are multiple reptilian humanoid genus in our nature. The biggest chink in consciousness for countless is understanding that not all the reptilians came from another planet, a ship or another universe.

Some reptilians are actually native to the Earth and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Before we inspect deeper into the native reptilians those participating in “The Grand Experiment” I want to clarify one thing. It is the reptilian consciousness that has stopped us from deriving quicker than we are willing to.

This reptilian part of consciousness braces stupidity. A stubbornness , not willing to accommodate any other perspectives. So whilst for many, this announce may be fascinating and certainly facilitate connect the dots together, I am presenting a form of the truth which may not encompass the part truth! We are on a tour of constant memorize.

Just opening yourself up to other ends drastically intensifies your spiritual progression towards 5D. Modern man has only opened itself up to the validity of quantum physics in less than a century ago, taking Newtonian physics for the be all and end all up until now.

It was monotheism, created by the reptilian consciousness through Catholicism( the Catholic church) that purposely separated spirituality from discipline so that humans could not discover the truth about their existence and origins. When we open up more, the quicker we are able to encounter the truth.

Firstly I would like to point out from my own personal finding, why we willingly accept the existence of the fossils but dismiss that a smaller, humanoid explanation of these people could ever exist, even though we know that many of the dinosaurs like us, were bipedal biological entities too.

The same argument but in regards to size comes from the existence of monstrous of our past; the Nephilim who were a by-product of the Annunaki interbreeding with Earthly dames.

In both cases, we have found archaeological evidence of both fossil and beings humanoid skeletons worldwide, really one has been disguised from the public.

The dinosaurs actually represented a huge part in this Great Experiment. Their genetics were seeded from their galactic ancestral neighbours, the Draconians.

This moved them the most compliant categories and the most logical choice to start this experiment with beyond simple life words on Gaia, such as those that initially spawned from the planet’s oceans. The Council of Light too authorised this plan for the dinosaurs to “have their time” so to speak to help bridge a bail with the drastics/ reptilians.

The reptilians would then play an active part in helping to oversee the project by witnessing the process of initiation once again from fresh eyes. This was planned in hope that these beings could prove more empathy for the inhabitants in this universal project if they’re own genetics were seeded first. Through this stage of remark, the Galactic Confederation had hoped that by working with these reptilians, that they could form more of a cooperative relations and sway their consciousness from that of ruthless reign to love.

As the dinosaur’s ancestors were supposedly known as the most ancient race( in our nature that is ), they carried superior DNA in terms of their natural resilient they are able to prolong their own categories and live.

The dinosaurs therefore represented a significant part in not only acclimatizing to Earth’s draconian and rapidly changing atmospheric conditions, but also in testing out a new eco arrangement on a grander flake.

This phase on Earth added great feedback to all those galactic scoots involved in Earth’s developmental programme, helping to tweak and manipulate the matrix through these trial and error stages before person would ultimately have its time. This was consequently vital as numerous species in our cosmo could not permanently survive on “the blue pearl”.

Earth’s climate is constantly in flux and species would die out because they wouldn’t be able to adapt quickly enough to these drastic changes.

Many ETs have proven this even post the time period of the dinosaurs when attempting to firstly seed the planet for humanity. The first giants that came to Earth from cavity one million years ago, the Nemnir, were responsible for encoding the first knowledge of the universe into the ice for the dwellers on Earth to drink( the sparkler age ).

These heavyweights passed away when the ice and glaciers softened because the climate unexpectedly became too hot for them in some areas of the planet, particularly around the equator.

The opposite is said for the Annunaki, who couldn’t survive the wintery climates and would die from the sub-freezing temperatures. The dinosaurs helped in trying to assimilate the excellent physical genetics for last-minute guy in which the Arcturians stirred the major breakthrough.

There are two presumptions which could validate to why the fossils died out, and even a prospect that the two versions of truth I will present to you interlock in some aspects.

The most widely known theory describes the fossils dying out through a global change 66 million years ago which may or may not have been caused by an asteroid collision with the Earth.

The repercussions motived many of them to go extinct through the effects itself, destroying the food chain, and severely impacting the environmental conditions on the surface. Only a few cases living species evolved from that time and now share the planet with us today like birds, fish, and smaller reptiles such as crocodiles, lizards, and geckos.

The theory as to why the dinosaurs get wiped out was very similar in the way the Annunaki have been claimed to have caused inundates to wipe out the current version of adult that was also not advancing in according to The Great Experiment’s plan. The asteroid in this case was mailed intentionally with the help of intelligent life.

The Galactic Confederation had waited patiently for the dinosaurs to evolve into a more benign and civilised being but proved that they couldn’t surpass their natural mechanisms of fight or flight and all work together as a shared consciousness.

The second philosophy will blow your thought and actually reshape how we look at timelines in general. Based on what has become the favourite hypothesis to date surrounding the extinguishing of the fossils and the the few species that have progressed from that time period up until now; what if one of those few species that established it past the “cataclysm” was actually a fossil which becomes a humanoid reptilian over epoch through evolution?

And also, what if the comet or asteroid that presumably thumped the Earth, was instead an intentional detonated missile from an interplanetary campaign between categories fighting for the minerals on Earth. Find out in part 2. Thanks for reading.

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