Happiness in Life (85)

We are all carrying around daily luggage; stressors, distress, fund pays, tasks that need to be accomplished, points, our love life etc etc. With all these constant feelings of fear and sting, its easy to lose track and forget what the meaning of life is, gratitude of the present moment, to be alive in itself.

We are constantly consuming social media, information, articles, movies, tv presents; having those “fomo” Fear Of Missing Out, feelings, that retain, we give ourselves to feel. We all think that we all have to be aware of everything brand-new that is happening, the latest album, the latest netflix show, the latest person that travelled viral, the latest artist, the latest clothing release, the latest new thing that we MUST have, but do we ever stop and ask ourselves why? Why have we been stated to feel this way? Why have we granted ourselves to be conditioned this highway? Why have we never taken a step back and realized that life is still happening, even if we have no idea of the “new” it thing?

Up until a few years ago, I had always been a subject to this. Ever wanting to be “apart of the crowd” , not missing out because I thought that I’d be looked at as “weird” “a loser” “strange” “out of it” etc etc. Until I realized, when we are ALL focusing on not missing out on “the brand-new thing”, what is really happening is that we are missing out on ourselves. Missing out on our life right now. Missing out on the present moment. Missing out on waking up and saying wow, I am alive, I was allowed to start a new era, which ultimately is more important than any “trend”, any “new thing” etc.

Now realizing that we have been mode to forget the true meaning of animation, which is happiness, pedigree, gratitude, empathy, kindness, perspective, charm and presence, we can change that. It may frankly feel overtaking or even uncomfortable to start focusing on these aspects of life that compile us, human. We have to start and we have to start today. As we have seen in the last nearly time, our world has changed and will consistently change in this coming year. Remember that become aware of whats to come may cause fear for a brief moment, but of course it will, when we have been shown otherwise our entire live.

Take a gulp. Take a moment for yourself. Meditate Daily. Pray Daily. When we are connected with God, Jesus, the Universe, the Most High; we are putting all of our faith and life into everything above this planet, rather than other human being that are just like us, something else that I can get into it, but we will save that for another day.

Today: Get fresh air. Get outside. If you haven’t mulled before, go to youtube and search “Meditation for Beginners”. It will procreate you feel painful but anything that propagandizes comfort areas is actually what is necessitated for us, in this present moment and whats wanted for us for our longevity. Pray as well. Ask for Guidance. Ask for Help. I believe in you. With all of us, reforming the mode we recall, achievement, feel with ourself, that they are able to then lead to us changing together. Together, Separately.

I love you.

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