Meditating ? Paranormal? Idk??

I have not been able to stop thinking about its own experience I recently had while studying at night with my fiance, in our suite. He “ve talked to” me about our chakra targets and how to alter vigour through our person. I don’t even know if we knew what we were talking about. However, started to meditate. I was concentrating on my intensity and feeling it flow through my form. I wasn’t sure what I was doing so I be concentrated on my breathing and thought about blood flood through my organization. I thought to myself, “that’s physical” and I tried to focus deeper … I wasn’t even sure what to focus on. I then started to feel very overwhelmed by passions. At this time, my fiance, who had been meditating along with me, went up to use the restroom. I continues in in our bedroom, by myself. Minute had gone by and I was still feeling very emotional. I thought about energy moving through my organization, but now my vigor didn’t feel as light-colored as before. I felt rage and sadness and now it felt like it was all flowing through me. At this moment, I examine my fiance coming in the chamber and it caught my attention…So I opened my hearts straight off .. and I had a strong feeling like there was a presence behind me. I went a little scared when I examined up to see the look upon my fiance’s face. His sees were wide open and he was standing outside of our bedroom opening, exactly frozen and unable to come inside. I asked him if he was okay or “whats happened”. He “ve been told” that when he was walking in the area( even though our glowings were on) he saw that it was nighttime inside and a native man extending towards him with a red colour behind him.( I was the only one in the office and we are the only two living in the accommodation) He said he looked like he was operating from something and the look on the mans face gaped scared . … I immediately got the chills and questioned if he had really seen this? Or you know, I tried to see if there is a logical explain as to how this happened ? We have also seen flying objectives, gravely in mid aura. I bid I could record sometimes. I should get cameras maybe, I do hear a great deal of sounds. I like to think it is because of our neighbors. Does anyone know what this mull know-how could be? It frankly gives me the wintries and I refuse to study now haha

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