I can’t help but notice that around the world it seems like wherever i croak( not that i’ve certainly been all that countless situates) but mostly what happens is that i will be a part of a group of people and they seem to adopt ideas and knowledge that hinder the growth of whatever they are apart of.

So like right now i work at a rationing firm and our goal is to get things handed. And as a company that hands and mails boxes a lot of the employees seem to adopt the “me first” attitude and will sacrifice work safety or ethic or just hard work in general for a slower more pleasant gait.

I’ve been knowing this everywhere mostly in a knot of different ways. But it’s just really exasperating to me to have to deal with people who always claim things and then expect themselves to be correct instead of just being open to the possibility that they’re wrong or doing things incorrectly.

Like i spent a knot of age at work trying to make sure that people followed the rules, simply to have another employee basically “ve been told” that it’s useless and pointless to do things by the rules because “we don’t have to”. So now i have epoches at work where i really just DO NOT care and everything is nihilistic and my entire mood is just horrible because of it.

How do you deal with people who are cool simply being useless trash and perpetually pawn blame off on other parties or situations. It seems so ridiculously hard to succeed in this world because everyone wants something free of charge but when it comes down to it nobody is willing to give a little.

I just don’t understand how people can think anything is going to get better or more worth noting to be alive if everything is just a waste of time or not worth getting better or stronger.

I literally try so hard to be the paradigm of an example with my state, resilience, manipulate ethic, and all, and i even go through times where i just bite my tongue and say nothing because anything that comes outta my opening at that point is going to destroy someone.

But instead of it driving or myself being reinforced for it, “i know i m” normally giggled at, or spawned merriment of. Almost as if their soul and my mind knows what’s going to trigger me and they literally be brought to an end saying things that move me over the leading edge. It doesn’t matter how worried or mad, incensed, sad, depressed i get, it seems like the people i love the most are always the ones that they are able never give me the assurance that i need in this world, seeing it extremely difficult for me to even want to be alive.

Like literally the facts of the case that some people are dying from the covid 19 inoculation precisely obliges me wanna get it even more on the off possibility that i just die and my endure is relieved.

So like what am i to do?

I tried to get my family to transition to a health vegan diet rich in nutrients that will assist them live longer but instead of them understanding i wanted them to live a long time and be with me in my life for longer, they decided to take offense saying that i was assure, tiny thoughts, and didn’t have any power to change anyone.

They literally assaulted me like an adversary.

it’s just such a strange world right now. I never expected beings to be so triggerable. I really get so deeply wounded by this nonsense and then beings take advantage of it and use it as more oil of the reasons why they shouldn’t listen to me, further isolating and seeing me less and less inclined to try anything.

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