*How Christ Consciousness got corrupted from its ancient roots-(Part Two)*

Magic is just science that we already know about. In the first part of such articles I discussed the Christian God being linked to the direct the representatives from the Annunaki God, Anu. In both Sumerian and Akkadian mythology, it is said that Enki was the son of Anu who organized modern lover. The fusion of chromosome two amazed countless scientists for decades, struggling to contemplate how such a process could be achieved beyond the natural laws of nature. Thanks simply to recent detections in science have we disclosed how this phenomenon successfully attested within our own genetic fabric many years ago, through CRISPR-Cas9 engineering that we now have access to today. We can now successfully replicate the same process that the Annunaki implemented into our cellular storage thousands of years ago. In November 2018, a Chinese scientist, He Jiankui of Shenzhen offended the world countries by going under the veil of secrecy, publicly announcing his success in using CRISPR technology on human embryos to create genetically edited newborns that were resistant to HIV. This newly revised straining would prophetically vary our future generation’s genetic codes through this superhuman technical breakthrough.

Why was our genetic idea influenced with in the first place? Firstly, evolution of a brand-new genus takes a very long time to develop organically. The native reptilians to Earth( not Draconians) had arguably 50 million+ times to evolve their own genus before enhancing their own genetics through artificial engineering engineering about ten million years ago. The Galactic Confederation wanted to speed up the process of our evolution by let the Annunaki alongside the Arcturian’s help, artificially reengineer the newly revised homo-sapien. What has this got to do with ancient Egypt? Ptah in archaic Egyptian verses is described precisely like that of Enki. It is said that he fused chromosome 2 that would allow us humans to have heart and brain coherence and essentially be given people in human organize. The real Adam and Eve simply became ensouled with the activate of live. He did this to induce our figure a more contributing vehicle for the ascension of our soul. This was a graciou deed , not a malevolent one.

Ptah described this act as a passage from the physical to transcend into the afterlife by opening up a rust-brown valve in our pineal gland. Our soul is attached to the pineal gland through a little stargate and when fully triggered, your body and soul are said to have come together and you gain the ability to command physical material as well as dematerializing, bilocating and flying; all the abilities the Egyptian idols themselves were proclaimed to have. This full activation is the trigger for ascension, gaining access to the higher dimensions whilst getting a huge upgrade in genetics. The Ankh’s’ Knot of Isis’ represented through the female genitalia in the priorities in the token is also a direct interpretation of the physical organize of the pineal gland itself! Interestingly fairly, as Christ consciousness became that of the classic cross later on in our timeline, that part of the symbol has been withdrawn. Maybe this is a sign that modern Christianity doesn’t want us to awaken through these pineal gland activations.

It too develops eyebrows as to why authorities class natural essences on Earth such as the likes of psilocybin sprouts and ayahuasca as illegal wealths? Is it because of their connections with the other side? What’s even more entertaining is that dimethyltryptamine or DMT which is naturally produced in our pineal gland is classified as a class A treat here in the UK. It carries an captivity decision of up to 7 years if caught in possession of this substance. We all must be guilty then, fastening me up!

Ptah also invoked to the knowledge that our genetic structure was a digitized assemble in which a physical body could transcend into a non- molecular ignite person where our consciousness could be copy and pasted to somewhere else, another feature perhaps. Ascension is also heavily referenced in the draws, texts and hieroglyphs circumventing the Egyptian divinity of resurrection, Osiris. We learn him illustrated on his feathered throne, the ascension throne; the flying Merkabah which to me is the same type of vehicle of glowing which the Pleiadeans use to travel between lives and other aspects. Those that has now completed the ascension process were seen to be riding’ the ark of the million of years’ or alternatively known as the ship of infinity. The same throne is depicted slightly differently in other cultures such as in Buddhism where instead they refer to this vehicle as the Lotus throne. The insight and knowledge educated by the Egyptians and many other ancient cultures are just rewriting the teachings of the Cosmos in their own ways.

Many beings label the Annunaki as evil beings. I assume some think this way because there are narrations of these extra-terrestrials justification cataclysmic happenings such as enormous inundates to wipe out humanity. They are also heavily referenced in regards to our initiation as a more compliant slave nation for their mining operations after the Igigi rebelled against their so called originals. This part is true, but it is only part of the truth. There were some Annunaki that missed humans to mine for golden so they could use the nano particles of this particular mineral to repair their atmosphere from the high levels of radiation cover their home planet of Nibiru. There were other Annunaki who had conflicting themes on how humans should develop, derive and what their characters should be here on Earth. These Annunaki beings were amiable and protected humen, ensure them as their child race in which they would transcend their genetics and doctrines through. The Annunaki were the gods of ancient Egypt and records depict their arrival on the planet a staggering 450,000 years ago written in the Sumerian King’s List, much before the time that the Atlantean civilisation was formed. The discords between the Annunaki brothers Enlil and Enki, seem to have the same dualistic mood as that to Poseidon and Zeus in Greek mythology and Osiris and Set in Egyptian mythology. These beings like have just mentioned, had the genetics consisting of mysterious and transformational abilities. Could these entities be the same brothers fighting one another throughout history just in different forms? It’s still a mystery.

The corruption of Christ consciousness was originally controlled in the Atlantean era through selected sovereign bloodlines. The rivalry between Enki and Enlil motived a part between the pair when humen were given permission by Enki to start their own civilization for themselves. This could possibly likewise be an interpretation of Adam and Eve being cast out of the garden of Eden, following the wisdom of the serpent in Enki. Enki was one of the amiable Annunaki to take a group of humans away from the slave mining domains. The Atlanteans refer to Enki as Thalan who made 12 households from these succeeding provinces to Khefu or what we refer to now as the Canary Islands. The 12 class would separately be encoded with genetics from each part of the main constellations of the universe that even out the Zodiac into the sprays of their blood. Thalan teamed up with the Arcturians to accomplish this task. The 12 pedigrees would be the blueprint for humanity as they could download information coming in from each of these 12 constellation entrances so they had a structure for how humanity should the expected accomplishments and evolve successfully in The Grand Experiment. Higher consciousness was entrusted to these selected bloodlines to act as a catalyst for a harmonious but well organised civilisation to follow.

There were three main islands in which categories flourished out their first communities on. Those were Evonoh, Ekaron and Khefu. Thalan protected this civilization from the negative Annunaki through shielding the waters of the Atlantic ocean from unsolicited burglars. Thalan is also the being we interpret as Poseidon. He had superior engineering that could be used to influence the water and justification spectacular disturbance within the motions as he deepened the tides, hence stopping the malevolent Annunaki from crossing over and trying to kill the humans. His trident was a part of this mysterious technology. These families on Green Cape were learnt by the Arcturians that consciousness is dominance and weren’t allowed to expand their civilizations around the globe until they were ready mentally, physically and spiritually. Once they were allowed to gain more territory across the planet, these categories wanted to conquer the Annunaki who wanted to kill them initially; the ones who were still in charge of the various slave quarrying settlements. The negative Annunaki used their own human slaves to fight their combats against these brand-new bloodline’s infantries. In the end, the negative Annunaki were jailed subterranean by the Galactic Confederation for meddling in the splendid planetary plan to create a perfected human race. Some also went underground because they couldn’t adapt quickly enough to the fast changing climates of the planet.

The Atlanteans stemming from these adopted bloodlines dominated much land including that of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and many more countries before combating with the Lemurians for a portal in the hills of the Himalayas. This is where they used sound, vibrational technology announced Protiktah to defeat them. This vibrational engineering could turn parties and municipalities to dust, it was that strong. The fragments of this last chip of energy lives on through the Ark of the Covenant which was later found in Ganga in south Egypt which is now called Ethiopia. The radiation it gives still to this day has given some of the Egyptian pastors warding this sacred engineering cataracts disease. The Protiktah technology is actually referenced in some biblical narrations like Gomorrah and the shattering of the two cities of the Middle East by tremor.

The Atlanteans went influence hungry after their succes over the Lemurians and propagandized the vibrational technology too far. Scientists tries tapping into more concentrated energy by sharpen the energetic price of beings quartzs downward towards the centre of the Earth. It proved to be too unwarranted and as a result, heavily distorted the magnet orbits and the grid of the planet. Disasters such as earthquakes and monstrous tidal wave attested across the globe as a result. Much shore became submerged under the water due to this fatal happening and the shifting of the Earth’s poles. Lost municipals told in mythological narratives have recently been detected by sonar technology proving that the fibs are actually true-life about Atlantis.

The 12 selected bloodlines who were supposed to be responsible for the civilizations of the planet became too domineering and cruel in their spaces which lead to the fall of Atlantis. The successors of these sovereign bloodlines are not foreigners but they impound the consciousness of the universe and share a more in tune consciousness with the Annunaki to that of a regular human. Regrettably, rather than benefitting society for the purpose of good by providing an equal share of resources amongst the masses, they have chosen to keep their knowledge a secret and employ others through a disproportionate prosperity dispensation. These beings also have restrain over the portals of Earth and their lore has managed to live on through the cataclysm of Atlantis which killed 80% of the world’s population at the time. Through these entrances they can communicate with other entities and because of their avariciou and greedy behaviour, they have traded textile amplifications with negative extra terrestrials in return for imprisoning countries around the world to reap exertion for their reptilian allies in the 4th aspect. Some are even said to be working amongst them that guise themselves in human model through a bogu holographic projection.

The dollar bill contains the Illuminati pyramid and the all realise look represented on those first selected bloodlines chosen to rule back in the times of the early Atlantean civilisation.’ Novus Ordo Seclorum’ named under the pyramid on this statement translates as’ new succession of ages’ and the top half’ Annuit Coeptis’ symbolizes’ God has favoured our undertakings’. “Theres anything” brand-new about the New international order; it stanch from the beginning of modern man in Egyptian culture but the propose got infected and mistranslated as a title to rule and enslave.’ God has advocated our undertakings’ simply is a reference to when Enki demonstrated guy superpower in the past but used their definitive characters for evil-minded purposes, rather than for the good of humanity.

Sorry I didn’t get to cover the Archon’s means in this part, I came carried away haha! It is certainly be in part three. Thanks for reading.

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