Ego as a Geiger counter

( This is based on a comment I wrote in answer to another upright)

I see Ego as a Geiger counter. Each time It starts determining noice it merely be interpreted to mean that i am living for others rather than for myself. It is not good or Bad. But living for others determines me feel physically and mentally Bad, so I try to avoid it.

The satirical thing is that beings believe that an egocentric being precisely worries about him/ herself. But in My opinion living for your pride is living trying to maintain a certain image that manufactures You feel superior than others in some way. Basically You need OTHERS to notice it and utter You feel special/ good, so You are living FOR others. On the other hand we have being self-conscious. Being self-conscious( My method of being spiritual) intends living to be mentally, physically and spiritually happy. It is recognizing that the most important person in YOUR reallity is YOU. By being self-conscious You Will attract other self-conscious people and rebuff( or in the Best case guide) egocentric people.

Egocentric/ self-conscious is not good or Bad. But I consider that living for others is like radiation, in high quantities it can be toxic for humans

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