Why am I so torn Spiritually?!?

I simply cannot figure out what represents ability to me. For context, I was raised Roman Catholic but never genuinely speculated. It was more of a “you must do this” thing for us. Through my teenage times I was fairly rebellious spiritually even if they are I lived in Sedona, AZ( a pretty awesome place for exploring spirituality) I was not in a state of mind to be open to anything. If I could go back and be more approachable to my smothers there, I would probably learn a lot.

In the past few years I’ve been backward and forward in my impressions. Between Buddhism, Paganism, Chrisitianity, I’ve explored Muslim and Hindu sentiments. I just cannot settle on something and feel fulfilled. I’ve been going to see biblical advise lately, thinking that maybe I can look at it as an adult now and has become still more responsive and I only hinder getting to turn at the doom and sadnes of certain things, being condemned as a sinner for simply being a human, things like that.

I’m exactly ventilating I suppose, but I’m lost. I want to have faith in something, I virtually desire it at this top. I want to guide their own families through sect in something as well, but I’m simply unable to truly open up and connect with anything.

Does anyone have any guidance or fibs to share that might help at all?

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