Channeling love from deceased friend

Hello, I had an experience the other day and I was just wondering if anyone now could explain it to me. Recently I went through a spiritual crisis following a reiki management that allowed me to shed religious conditioning from my childhood. I was in a very weird place for about 4 dates, ousting aged repressed recognitions and anxiety. And then I had a strange experience. My godmother’s husband has passed away a era prior. I was meditating and praying for a clear mind and direction moving forward, when I felt like I needed to sit up. I felt a warm tingling sensation starting at my upper lip and spreading to my ears and then my third eye, I looked my godmother’s husband standing next to Jesus smiling and I felt this hurry of beloved. Time an foolish quantity of ardour which I knew was directed to my deity mom. I started crying from the excitement and I felt my hands become very hot, like they only viewing orbs of energy. I only face-lift my hands and directed them to my godmother and felt the vigor leave my figure through my hands. After this I felt the presence of 3 angels( “its the best way” I can describe them) wrapping their appendages around me and it felt like a hug from a family member when you really need one. And then I just sort of wandered back to actuality but was extremely thirsty and tired afterwards. Has anyone suffered something like this and can offer me precision of how I was able to do this? I certainly appreciate the ability to ask this here.

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