While on my outing, one practice of coping was sorting my issues out and that fetch me to attributing them as regressions. Things that I became preoccupied with to the point that they caused personality shifts.

My regressions include friendship and illusion as actually the two big ones.

Those made behaviors like video game dependence, mimicking others behavior, porn dependence, clinginess, load dysphoria, hating how I glanced, and even quelling certain mental disorders. A pile of noxious actions, for certain.

With awakening and becoming honest to myself, I have begun my pilgrimage to start letting all that go as I am learning to see my glamour as well develop myself to be a better person, period.

Know that if you deal with same things, you aren’t alone and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for want an outlet in order to cope with personal tragedies. We all have specific areas of us we want to be rid of and we deal with such things in different ways. Finding our direction from those regressions is truly the hardest part of the overall journey.

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