*How Christ consciousness got corrupted from its ancient roots – (Part 3)*

In part two I explained how the royal bloodlines of Atlantis demoralized Earth’s plan to create a world-wide civilization that could hold all the information of the universe whilst acting as one cohesive, adoring structure worldwide. Unfortunately, this didn’t go to plan in accordance to the cosmic objective to create a perfected amicable species. We also cannot delivers the blamed entirely onto these royal bloodlines either. These initial pioneers of the modern genome who were a template in which others would follow, may have give their universal learning get into the hands of the wrong people irritating the natural poise within early human civilization.

The Atlantean priests were the first people down from the royal bloodlines entrusted to keep this sacred knowledge of the stars safe so society could maintain its harmonic symmetry. Priests, due to both their maturity and loyalty had also been given the responsibility to pass down their inherited insight to keep the priesthood alive through the next generations to follow. It was the judgment of these priests that they are able to select and establish new members into this sacred group to hold this confidential information for the good of humanity. Some of these new members get debased by the power of knowledge and used it for their own benefit, making new mystery societies that would alter the balance of wealth and exertion to the detriment of everyone else in their communities. History is much more complicated than it seems and we cannot underpin precisely a single group of individuals for the collapse of Christ Consciousness, specially around the time of Atlantis.

Christ consciousness didn’t originate from Atlantis. Egyptian culture reiterated the aspirations of the divine. It is simply the universal plan of balance through an even split rate between service to self and busines to others, accompanied by an even divide in masculine and feminine vitality within a being. Anything that tips the scale of assessments of match is simply a aberration of the Christ consciousness blueprint. Many of us now have signed a someone contract to be a part of the Earth game in restoring Christ consciousness back to Gaia. We is there to transcend countries around the world from 3D into the fifth dimension is again and violate the matrix mould by fulfilling this plan of action. The biggest attack on Christ consciousness came before countries around the world inhabited any lifetime at all. This assault came from reptilian consciousness that some of you may refer to as the Archon mind. The world was demoralized by the Archons before we even personified into the firstly human mass now on Earth.

For those of you familiar with the term’ The Grand Experiment’, the Galactic Confederation and Council of Light proposed a project to the darker pressures in the Universe. Our universe has been subject to back and forth dualistic clashes between both positive and negative powers for eons now, repeating the same cataclysmic missteps that has caused a sad hertz of pain and tolerate through lower forms of consciousness such as dominance, termination and embittered retaliation. The Draconian/ Orion wars saw countless species like the Lyrans, Sirians and Procyons subject to being killed or tortured for adrenochrome, causing a monstrous chain reaction of retaliation in attempts to restore justice for the wounded souls involved. The Galactic Confederation outlined the following objectives proposition to all those representatives in the universe. Rather than police these boring battles in all regions of the galaxies, cause all the issues fought between interplanetary genus in our universe be intensified onto simply one planet with a conglomeration of all of our seeded genetics mixed. That planet is ours, the blue pearl. This is why the Earth has so many problems and is really enlarged in its diversification amongst a single species.

The experiment got the green light from both sides to seed a mixture of genetics into this newly reformed genus we call man and to see with both the range of light-colored and dark tremors accessible within the third dimension, which frequency these humen would incarnate within their physical jug through choice. The gloom and light-footed subdivide that spawned this great experiment simply comes from a difference in how best to utilize energy to open up brand-new entrances for further expansion of existence. Through generating the right amount of energy to create such a portal, you could create brand-new timelines or movement between other dimensions. The Draconians infiltrated our macrocosm by exploiting specialised engineering to concentrate a huge amount of electrical charge into one specific blot that would allow entry into our cosmo. These beings primarily came from another universal bubble from the omniverse or multiverse.

The Council of Light tried to convince the negative entities that these entrances can be opened up from the inside by unlocking the universe from within ourselves. The reptilian Archons trembling at the lower boundary frequencies of energy were insulting of this idea and stood by the ways they have always done things since they are so attached to the third dimension. They were adamant of stealing and gathering fairly exertion from others to create these entrances for themselves, expending other minds like batteries. It was a conflict between the external and internal consciousnesses. Christ consciousness represents that everything comes from within and we can connect to everything that exists by tapping into our own hunch and heart through mettle ability coherence. Christ consciousness is unity consciousness and external affect in the material world carries with it separation consciousness. It is the battle between associate and disconnection from yourself. That is why numerous that choose to vibrate lower are often considered lost souls. Along their journeying, they get cut off from themselves, from Source. Light is information and darkness is the absence of information. The experiment on Earth was to see which consciousness would prevail.

When we get caught up in the Archon influence, we are choosing to give into fear and we defer our exertion over to help them build their entrances and prolong their existence at our own expense. Since both the dark and lighter actions are involved in this experiment, we can pick places through the pulse we choose to emit. Since we have free will in this world and there is a mutual agreement of non-interference in place by all these outer worldly beings, the illusion that the dark consciousnesses starts, is simply just an artificial hologram that misleads us in the matrix. It’s like black magic tricking your free will to willingly give up your supremacy. When you’re awake, they can’t convince you anymore because you can now see beyond the veil.

When you awaken out of the dream , no matter what horrifying scenarios going on here around you in the external, all you are seeing is others falling into the trap of a sham world. The Archon influence on us is merely a choice but to those still in the dream, it is perceived that certain negative plans are prepared and destined to happen. If we throb high-pitched, they cannot touch us because these are repulsed and terrible of the light-headed. Have you ever wondered where the word energy vampires comes from? Vampires merely come out at night as they get burnt by the light of day. We are all altered differently based on the vibration we put out.

People throughout our history have precipitated short to the Archontic influence which has caused a negative ripple effect on humanity down through the generations. Since the law of non-interference means that these beings can’t force us to do anything, the Archons volunteer strength to individuas through their matrix simulation in exchange for the suppression of others for their harvesting actions. The beings that readily accept this offer think they are free, but instead become soulless puppets to help sway the balance out of alignment to that of negative tremors again. This is why accepting this bribe is often referred to as’ selling your mind to the devil’.

The beings placed in power throughout go have urgently tried to tear down anyone who has threated its own position through these Archontic coerces. Some of the most potent knowledge depicting the descriptions and intel on the Archons came from the Gnostics. Gnostic comes from the word knowledge itself. After the great cataclysm that generated global calamities worldwide about 11,600 years ago in Atlantis, the imperial bloodlines and confidential civilizations that survived these deplorable occurrences moved out of Sumer and Babylon and started brand-new civilizations elsewhere around the globe. Manipulated by the reptilian consciousness, they spread out to gain other territories in the middle East as well as refurbishing civilizations in China and establishing Empires in Europe too. As 80% of the world population had died in these enormous adversities, the secret civilizations saw this as an opportunity to bury the truth for good as a good deal of the previous manifestation had been destroyed previously in the floods. The Roman Empire was notorious for being ruthless in their attempts to cut down anyone and anything that would sabotage the Archon’s plans.

Most of the Gnostic texts rehearsing insight from the age-old Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian scriptures and tablets were destroyed by the Roman church. Famous patterns include the siege of the castle of Monstsegur in 1244 and the attack on the Royal Library in Alexandria which was estimated to have had half a million scrolls supporting knowledge of humanities’ history to date. What was interesting was that some of the Gnostic texts actually survived from the Royal Library in Egypt when examined on closer inspection. Nag Hammadi was the place in which these sacred texts were rediscovered in 1945, about 70 -8 0 miles from the Luxor in the Nile Valley. What is found in these Gnostic verses is the Archon’s creation of our forgery holographic actuality to enslave and deceive humans. The verses likewise substantiate their plans to suppress us even further through introducing another virtual reality on top of our present one, realizing us live within a matrix of a matrix. The good thing is though, a spiritual arouse utters us our power of choice back. We actually accommodate all of the cards and always have done, but thousands of years of subconscious programme has manipulated us into believing that we didn’t. All we have to do is say NO!

In part four, I’ll be diving genuinely deep into the trickery of the Archons so you won’t ever be fooled by them again. I will clarify exactly how they operate and falsify your sensings and how the actual matrix is formed through the Saturn- Moon satellite holographic estimate. Although this stuff is dark, it is important to know so you can save maintaining and gleaming the lamp for the collective. Do not fall into the trap now that you’ve come this far. The daylight has already acquired and lives within you. Don’t dampen that flicker! Thanks for reading.

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