After being laid off I created a free app for sharing compassion

I was laid off in June 2020 because of coronavirus. And like a great deal of us, our current circumstances established me realize that I was missing a sense of shared tendernes.

There was pressing to immediately find the next activity, but instead I decided to build something that makes at least a small impact on parties – even if it’s only person or persons. We all face difficult situations every day, and many can’t be solved simply by cloth entails. I’m thinking about loss, agony, state, etc. Sometimes , not always, simple names of succour or knowing that someone is thinking about you can add a positive provoke to your day.

So with this newfound free time on my hands, I organized AllGoodWaves – a very simple app for anybody to create and post an anonymous request for a petition or enjoying kindness meditation( or any these practices ). Anyone can pick up your entreaty and fulfill it.

If you feel like this might be beneficial to you or somebody you know – please join and create a request. Know that you’ll at least have one person, me, listening.

If you are compassionate and can sincerely pray or meditate on someone’s request – join and cure.

All prayer and meditation rehearsals are welcome as long as they have love as their core.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea, and if you give it a try, then any fleck of feedback( no matter how small-minded, good or bad) would assist.

And the app is completely free. This is not for money.

I guess this is my way of saying I love you parties,

Thank you for your attention,


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iPhones: https :// apps.apple.com/ us/ app/ allgoodwaves/ id1546557352

Android: https :// play.google.com/ storage/ apps/ details? id= app.everythingwave.everythingwave

This is just an info and visualization webpage: https :// www.allgoodwaves.org /

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