What is suffering

When you think of suffering what does this mean to you. Not what you’ve been told it is or what you see it is for others but what is suffering to you. How has standing feigned you’re live. What are the feelings that go into you’re losing and feed it. One says desire leads to suffering but what does that mean and what libidoes lead to suffering and which ones don’t. What does the end of bear looks a lot like you and is that a reasonable reasonable rebuttal. Is the end of sustain a constant good feeling? A high-pitched for the rest of time Or something else. Can you rightfully culminate standing completely

I often recognize people mentioning and repeating everything from diaries or talks or following the words of another While they can help, if you do not fully understand what they are saying then you’ll simply lawsuit more is detrimental to yourself trying to fit these oaths these suggestions How do you come to understand these oaths then? Destroy them. Destroy all the ideas of anybody else. Destroy all ideas of the buddha’s the jesus’s. Destroy the ideas of gurus. Any idea “youve had” of these are just that of imagery. Not truth. Destroy everything and starting with that.

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