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One of the most difficult hypothesis that I have struggled to understand is the idea that we have always existed and always will be followed. I was lucky enough to explore this idea with Ayahuasca plant medicine a few years ago. “Existence” was shown to me as similar to the cycle of liquid. Sometimes your are in the middle of a rapid. It’s tempestuou and mad. It’s up and down, fast paced and crazy. Everything suds and expanding and hastening. Sometime the river is flowing freely and you rush along without effort. Other terms you open a puddle and it’s sluggish and pacify deep and cool. The water( us) is always there in some assemble. I queried “What if I can’t handle live? ” The message was “We never give you anything you can’t handle” If you go through the rapids and you need to then you go hang out in the deep calm pool for a while. Then when your ready you can throw yourself back into the thick of specific actions( if you choose too ). On a highly earth based elevation I was in the rapids for a few years. It was crazy, eliciting, expanding and creepy( in a good way ). The expansion was unbelievable and I’m so grateful for it. The last 2 years I’ve enrolled a pond. It’s calmer and slower but still beautiful. In time I is a well-known fact that I’ll reenter the rapids again! While in no way new information “its what” I received to assist me on my own pilgrimage and its cured me so much better. I felt compelled to share with you today. All the best! 🙂 xx

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