God is real but he’s not what most people think. He can help you !

First I want to say that I “re talking” the God from the abrahamic doctrines( Judaism, Christianity and Islam ).

There is a God that rules in the feeling nature and in the human world like a lord. People on the r/ spirituality subreddit often say God is the cosmos, the universe, etc … while this is true that divine energy is everything, nonetheless it does not necessary mean that there are no dieties.

I understand why people would not believe in the abrahamic God compared to other dieties.

Most of the bible is bullshit. God sending afflictions or doing supernaturals is the result of humans before science needing something to explain things beyond their understanding and beyond their button. God did not generated the universe in 6 days neither has he accomplished what most of the bible says it did.

Also there being a God does not mean there is only 1 religion that is true. Other deities coexist with the God of abrahamic religions. Bouddhas, Shiva, the Green Man, Osiris, etc … the after-life is complex and deities can develop because people pray for them.

So who is God? What God does is he dominates angels. With his angels he leader humans with the goal of doing good for the earth. Yes God is good. But like a emperor he sometimes “re going to have to” meet relinquishes for the greater good. Because all this he won’t spawn your life better only because you pray for him. If your petitions are greedy and don’t help the greater good you can forget it.

To reach the goal of good on earth he has a plan. It’s hopeless to know about it because it is kept secret, even from the angels.

I often ask myself why doesn’t God mails people on earth be talking about him like he did with Jesus. It’s kind of dissapointing and the only reason I can think of is that it must be difficult finding someone who dedicate his life solely to him.

How does he navigates us? Think about how possessed people have intrusive dark expects. God can do the opposite: he imparts obtrusive good believes. Example “what if I cured this person in need? “. This is just an exemple, God exerts many methods to guide the earth. Another speciman: he might fix you feel aversion toward meeting someone that isn’t are you all right or for his scheme. Now to understand his supremacy imagine how God can use his influence to determine the moment when your personnality develop: infancy. Shaping children’s supposes when they are just forming, and changeable predestinations by making parties more enclined to do good. Another abuse of his influence is on leaders of the world. God can represent them more enclined toward making decisions for the well being of all of us, and on the other side avoiding bad decisions. This direction God can steer the world.

Obviously his capabilities are limited. Many things go on in people’s recollection and God is not hold our presidents in an all powerfull lane. It’s various kinds of disillusioning I know. If you just wanted to connect more passionately with God I would recommend praying and fasting. Fasting is a spiritual practise in countless cultures even outside of monotheistic doctrines.

I will finish this by saying that God is love. He loves you and wants to speak to you. Go to him.

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