I went to a different reality?

So I have not yet been ordeal with spirituality whatsoever but one nighttime I knowledge something that has elicited me to make this post and to start doing some research. For background, I am Lutheran and was raised Lutheran from a young age and have only really been exposed to Christianity. However, I’m beginning to question a lot of things regarding my beliefs. One light, it was around 5 or 6 am and I couldn’t fall asleep and so I was laying down in the dark listening to music and generally putting myself into a unwound state. I’m not sure how or why this happened but my conscious slipped into somewhere entirely different. I retain stand in a deserted plaza, almost like a canyon, surrounded by sizable bulks of striated rock. What stuck out the most in the place was how highly saturated and shining the color of the sky and the boulder was. I likewise determined an animal that I couldn’t make out too well at the time but I retain witnessing big antlers and a brown coating of fleece so I think it was a reindeer of some sort. I’m confident that I wasn’t asleep or dreaming and so I’m confused as to what I experienced. Is this a spiritual signal or an accidental astral projection that anyone can help me understand?

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