Have you heard of the phenomenon called “the arising and passing away,” or the A&P for short? It’s a description of the energetic phenomena behind all sorts of peak experiences as people cycle through stages of insight. I got bopped on the head by spirituality.

I’m merely learning about it is currently, but it’s fantastically supportive for me to understand some of the maniac shit that has happened in my life. It involves bipolar-like rounds, and at its peak, the A& P can cause all sorts of insane questions in people if they aren’t ready for it. Daniel M. Ingram writes a splendid essay about it now: https :// www.integrateddaniel.info/ the-arising-and-passing-away

I was inspired to share this because I often realize “what the fuck just happened to me” posts, and if it facilitated me figure out what the fuck just happened to me, perhaps it could help someone else too. I recently shared my story with Ingram, and he was kind enough to reply at length to it. He agrees that perhaps during this psychosis I suffered, because of the penetration it specified, specially considering I had never had a meditative or spiritual rule previously, that I was intersecting the A& P.

You are free to stop reading here, as the rest of the post is my personal story. I genuinely hope person gets something out of the above information.

I should note, I had no idea what I was doing. I just…decided to do these things, inexplicably. Like it was inspired into me from somewhere else. The first time I ever reflected, it was on a mantra, “I am a piece of great things, and I am at peace with great things.” I rolled it around in my president in an infinity loop faster and faster until the center of the loop burned so sizzling it sounded in a grey inspire, and a glitchy spokesperson told me “then be at peace.” Shortly after I invented some kind of yogic breathing devotion. I was stealing the moment itself with my pinky, cutting it out with my needle and index fingers, and catching it as it fell. Then I would stare into it, and all my dreams would pool into my palm and disappear, until I was in a new instant. And I would hamper the empty-headed instant for a while, and are to be achieved and generate it apart. It looks like this: https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= rRAJHF0pNcQ The breathing decorations involved and the meditative sort of the exert co-occur accurately with Ingram’s description of what happens to a person during the A& P.

I was in such a state that I could realize penalty pulses in everything I looked at, like everything shimmered and danced. And it was like downloading Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass into my brain without knowing who they were. And I time GOT it. It was a crazy experience. I don’t share it because I’m special, far from it. It was just a thing that happened to some random person. But maybe if you have had something similar happen, you were crossing the A& P.

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