Needing help with dreams and healing

When I started my spiritual pilgrimage it was right after suffering a very low point mentally, which seems to be a common event for a good deal of beings because it makes darkness to see light. I hadn’t experienced much like it before, but for a while I simply wasn’t in a good opening. Nonetheless, I’ve invested the last 7 months germinating and healing and it’s been amazing. I feel like I’ve grown so much in these months but then all of a sudden recently I’ve detected things in my past that I didn’t even know bothered me, but I’ve found are huge loads on my subconscious. And they’re not small realizations either, they are these large-hearted, troubling mental stumbling blocks that hadn’t followed to me up to now. But the eerie thing is these apprehensions didn’t even come from mediation. I had been projecting on doing some mediation to do some darknes wield, but instead one came while I was in an enhanced state of mind and the other came last light in a dream.

I likewise have had some absurd dreams for the past few months. In one dream I even died, which freaked me out because I’d ever heard that when “youre dying” in a dream your human flesh dies. Obviously this didn’t happen, but my dreams have been too crazy to ignore.

So I’m just looking for some guidance. If anyone is good at analyzing dreams or stipulating insight on dreams in general, I would love to talk. And also if anyone knows why these past traumas might’ve uncovered themselves now without any specific reflection or introspection on my own part, I’d love to know. Sorry if this isn’t the type of content typically posted here, it’s just hard to find resources for this kind of thing and I figured this would be a great region to look.

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