Im always trying to convince people, and when I don’t I get angry. If im not sharing some knowledge with the world i hate everything, thoughts?

I do this all the time. And its often stuff that get against the group mentality/ ruling or hive sentiment. It approximately feel like I’m time drawn to this type of situation or situation. And In the process of trying to convince im generally announced out on EGO. The other person or people has it in their thought im superior to them in whatever it is. I do have a “I’m precisely constructed different mentality”. It can be something like saying a martial arts type doesn’t work in a street defend so I argue against that or saying something like I can beat a wolf in a fight( which ill defend to my tomb ). Anything members of the general beings abode as true-life. Like how in a fight people say 30 pounds is good enough for a triumph when I think that is silly.

These type of scenarios. Well when I look at it, the common theme seems to be limitation. Limiteds I find preferably offensive. Limits i do not imagine apply to me, so when said people given me up to them I feel the need to convince. Then im announced delusional or ego. My main issue seems to stem from the fact parties generalize. And usurp every person is the same. And the people being so admit of these limitations initiations me. I would never In my life say someone will demolish me in a fight just because they get 40 added pounds. And people seem like they are just content. Satisfied with this type of thing.

Instead of using said thing as motive for that to not be true? Then it just comes off as im better than you, even if im not, my mindset is. And because it is, I have a higher chance to succeed. Those restrictions I often jest at and I use it as motivation to succeed so that isn’t the suit.

It dont gotta be something just like such. Even when disagreeing about something else I feel the need to convince someone of my view. Especially if I feel one is wrong. All this do is create a lot of conflict and arguments In “peoples lives” that do more harm than ever good. But I’m always trying to convince people of something that runs against the popular opinion if its either wrong or a limiting mindset. Especially if its both?

Anyway, I do this all the time and I miss it because I get hopped, name called, I probably been in thousands of arguings, and when I feel like I’m going against multiple parties and I’m losing, I get really really angry and have vicious thoughts and think parties and this nature are worthless. I can’t get people to see the world through my sees so I give up and want it all to disappear. Like I dont belong. I felt the netf to roll 30 parties stronger than goku because a youtuber “i m watching” said he was the strongest. Not exclusively is that popular opinion but that’s extremely very wrong lol.

Anyway what do beings fantasize?

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