My current spirituality

Hello everyone

I’ve been drawn to spirituality for several intellects. I have much to learn, but ide like to share some aspects of my spirituality that may or may not resonate with some of you.

*** I embrace hurting/ uncomfortableness. This is very much like a ability and it can be developed. Is it easy? Heck no. Too, I don’t strive bad aching, like getting injured. Thats stupid behavior. I give myself to confront situations that, although embarrassing initially, ever lead to joy and a feeling of accomplishment after overcoming said discomfort.

For example, I countenance myself to enjoy the relaxation of a hot shower, and then countenance myself to endure the insignificant uncomfortableness of finishing with the coldest liquid possible. I looked forward to receiving that cold water, because the appeal isn’t being unpleasant; the appeal is overcoming that temporary uneasines.

*** I enjoy listening more than talking. To understand, we have to listen. And, people want to be listened to. That’s how you make friends. You listen to them.

*** I am had been able to being tremendously joyful in emptines This one has been the severest, but it starts impression to achieve this state of being. To not fix my joy to other people, is liberating af. Instead, experience the presence of good company when it is there, and admire good parties when they may or may not always be in your life.

*** telling lead of negativity, specially if its in the past You are not the same person today as yesterday, or a year ago. Change is ever present. Its very difficult to completely let go of things harbouring us back such as rejection, los, etc. But there is a requirement to. Thats over. Flip another sheet. Write something better. If the last chapter of their own lives sucked, you can always establish the next one better.

*** haunt forte/ intellect Not just for ourselves, but for others. There are parties out there that urgently need YOU to be the best you. You will motivate someone in the future.

*** Mantras. Meditation. Continual self reflection. Making time to enjoy silence.

In summary, I subscribe to the idea of wholesome love. To kindle the fortitude in ourselves, and like a candle, bring that have liked to others. The nature urgently needs a fire blanket of love to quench the negativity that is flooding the world.

Spirituality is some wild trash. Negative exertion exists. Positive exertion exists. A mass of ordeals proven from that force. And an wholly mystified population urgently trying to survive this mess.

Raise the reverberations!

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