Who is Saria?

It started off naturally, like any of my musings and when I was projecting myself outwards, I encountered myself transported to beautiful, glowing scenery, and I saw this large, stately gilded tabernacle on the side of a mountain. I could see numerous sandy/ golden colored pillars and pieces mixed in with the massive building of it.

I was then brought to what looked like a big golden doorway, where immediately after, this big being appeared from this doorway within a magnificent gilded grey sun, and I was only able to see it’s face. It had a large, elongated egg mold principal, that had a massive, protruding forehead, large-scale dark colored oval attentions, and what was like a human lip, except the scalp was elongated tightly around the mouth, and it was arranged more outside of it’s thought. It’s bark was a pale, grayish lily-white, and they had this large, half circular shaped collar behind its principal made of flowing, glowing gold.

I asked who they were, and It called itself Saria.( Sah-ree-uhh)

When I asked what it required with me, it raised me to this great body of water, and took me out onto this strange, open drift barge sort thing, and we hovered across this beautiful landscape and over the water. The sky was a radiant blue and amber, and I could see waves of energy spurting through the sky. As we traveled across the landscape, I noticed it was of lettuce and sandy seas within this mountain range.

When I would like to know why it made me here, they told me “Go forth, and desire all”.

Next, it then gave me this small golden box that I held in the palm of my hands, that had some beautiful gems all over it, surrounded by a golden halo of glowing. This aura blossomed and crumbled in on itself infinitely, and it was very hard to keep my gaze locked in one position of it.

When i opened the box, i drew out a large staff made of wooden metal, that had a circular greenish crystal top, and an orb of grey light-footed at the very end.

I could barely recollect what happened next, and I started to become more and more texts sent to me, but it was a tangled mess of represents, and I was then returned to my torso virtually instantaneously, and it left me with a sense of purpose, and wonder.

If you’ve knew anything similar, please let me know, because I want to learn more 🙂


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