Smearing poop on walls of public washroom. An explanation .

Recently someone affixed this issue on r/ askreddit People who smear poop on the walls of public restrooms, why?

This is what I’ve learned while inspect spiritual world. I am talking only about naturally performing adults. Slandering feces or writing on walls in a shower has accurately same underlying and it related to reincarnation. To be clear reincarnation is a long process and not only human reincarnate. Let’s take an example of a wolf backpack. In wolf pack you have Alphas, Betas Leper and so on. Because it is wolf nature to recognize its national territory for outcast simply action to label is to do it secretly when nothing watches. Eventually this space of commemorating when none watches is so deeply intertwined with the soul that even after granted opportunity to be born as a human the compulsion privately observe is so overwhelming that those individuals need to do it while they are in bathroom. Remember urine is used for distinguish territory.

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