Do I have any realistic recourse?

Do I have any realistic recourse?

Hi my appoint is Willy, 32 year old male, unemployed. Not a suicide/ ego damage gamble so am happy to hear realistic sequels for my malady( s ).

Diagnosed Conditions 😛 TAGEND

Adolescent Epilepsy( have grown out of it – no convulsions since 8 years old.

ADHD( diagnosed at senility 23)

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Chronic Fatigue( not diagnosed, supposed but notoriously hard to diagnose ).

I was put on Citalopram at age 19 after a series of anxiety assaults. No mental diagnosis or care merely prescribed by a unusually drug joyou GP. Was on that for around 6 years until an incident of dip/ suspicion. Went back to the same GP( regrettably) and he prescribed me Venlafaxine.

Stayed on Venlafaxine until 2018 when I went to see a different GP to come off it. I was attempting to understand my tirednes issues and pictured medication may be the problem.

GP told me to wean off via guidelines that doctors are given. Later found out that this is far too fast, and can often do more injure than good. After coming off over a two month period, I began to experience extreme episodes of derealisation and depersonalisation. I never knowledge this before so I went back to my GP. Forwarded to a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrist prescribed me Prozac and a low dosage antipsychotic( risperidone ). Had exceedingly bad reactions to the remedies. Slept perhaps two hours a night over a 3 week interval. Felt like I was going crazy. Despite this reaction Psychiatrist said that it would get worse before it went better. Got a lot worse. Developed Akathisia and began to experience intense suicidal ideation.

Stopped listening to psychiatrist and family and followed my intestine. Came off the drugs and thankfully Akathisia faded. This caused a big amount of distrust to grow for mental health professionals and health professionals alike.

Since this bout I have had to stop working( a low-spirited stress minimum wage chore) as my stress tolerance is paper thin. Ie a simple task like going to the hardware store is difficult.

I am persistently over quickened by day to era enterprises. Exercise has a paradoxical effect and leaves me stressed and burnt out. Walking and basic chores are similar.

I will never stroke prescription again, Akathisia is more terrifying than anything I could ever imagine. It’s like living in a nightmare. I would never please it on anyone.

Please don’t recommend medication.

I feel like my intelligence is permanently scarred from these stimulants, so talk regiman has had little consequence on my ability to deal with stress. I’ve tried foods, meditation, yoga, gradual increase in exposure to exert and daily activities. Nothing improves my situation.

I’m genuinely puzzled as to what reasonable recourse I have.

If you know anything outside of what I have recently been justified I would adore it hear the views. I am skeptical but will listen.

Thank you.

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