Experienced violent tremors for 3 hours last night after meditating, what happened?

I have no idea what I went through last light, but I was really scared. I was loosening after meditating and colonizing down to sleep. I had felt a strong energy pass through me which I tried to ignore. Eventually, as I rested my noses and tried to fall asleep, I has not been able ignore the feeling anymore and I started to shake uncontrollably. I try our best to rationalize this and thought that if I try our best to get warmer, I would stop shaking. This did not work and actually my mas became very hot. The shakes were irresistible, and I was getting really worried. I left my room and called my mom and we sat together in the living room as I could still shake uncontrollably. I felt like something was trying to get out of me. She was also very concerned, and wanted to take me to the hospital. I refused because I don’t have insurance right now and I don’t even want to accept that something may have been medically wrong with me. I could not cause myself go to the doctor and get a huge bill or something, so I adamantly refused.

All of a sudden I felt the need to say something like “im sorry for whatever I have done” or something along those lines, and I felt a secrete that stopped my tremors. At that stage I start sobbing.

But the shakes returned and I just laid back and tried to snap out of it. This continued for some time and eventually I simply became exhausted and the trembles gradually subjugated. I ultimately ended up falling asleep sometime around 3:30 am. The shaking started around 12 am.

My mom tried to tell me that maybe it was a seizure but I was talking to her and I was very aware of my surrounds. I have never experienced anything like this, I am very healthy, I have never had anxiety, everything is going so well in my life right now, and I feel at peace with parties in my life. I don’t understand what happened, has anybody else knowledge something this? I feel that what I went through may have been spiritual but I am really confused and want to understand what happened.

This is not my first spiritual ordeal. I have astral projected, sober dreamed, and had amazing healing ordeals while ruminating, but never anything as electrifying as this. Any penetration is appreciated, thank you.

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