Signs Your Ego Has Been Triggered

Our Ego is the concept of who we are in the “I” identity developed from birth-age seven. We internalize our parents’ faiths about who we are, who the rest are, and what the world around us is.

At the same time, we are desperate to receive love and favor. Unconsciously, we revoke specific areas of ourselves for others — many of us living being as ap performance.

This organizes a fragile appreciation of self where we live on the defensive, always protecting ourselves. Always wanting to control everything and everyone around us.

Our Ego is a mental theory of who we are based on our early lived environment. The Ego is the “I” identity many of us unconscious and unaware of.

As children, our greatest need is to have secure, affection components to our parents’ figures. Our Ego( self-identity) is formed based on what traits they feel are acceptable and desirable.

We hear 😛 TAGEND

“ Good girlfriends, don’t do this.”

“Strong sons don’t cry.”

“you’ll be a great mother one day.”

The Ego begins to form from the content we internalize.

This means we unconsciously spurn genuine specific areas of ourselves and adopt features we feel will give us love or approval.

Many of us were born into dwellings of feelings inattention and chaos, which means our Ego worked hard to: Read more

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