Everything is a cycle. Cognise and be freed

This is what samsara is. The cyclical continuum.

And before samsara outside, it’s important to understand and transcend the samsara inside.

Start with the man/ girl/ non-binary in the mirror

Just being a little aware, we can see our cycles/seconds of attitude changes.( Keeping a feeling magazine is awesome extremely)

Once one knows. Knows that one does the same things in a hertz. Then they have arrived in a good place.

Now letting see is easy.

For example, it’s full moon here tonight. And my girlfriend gets really emotional around this time. So, I know it. And i used lovingly tell her express and witness it all. With love and respect. Responding. Not acting.

Btw, the queen hasn’t arrived residence more. Extremely much partying I guess.

Cognise and be freed.

For example, negative story utters someone was all right. And then they continue to carry that vibe all day.

Beautiful. Don’t watch such things first in the morning. Attain some soothe.

And now the great step. With a little calm, is moving forward and step your direction. And be freed for forever.

Much love and peace to you

Note: I replied that is something that a beautiful soul. Modified and made this post. Thank you.

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