death/reincarnation theory

I believe when “youre dying” your astral organization is separated from your physical one just like astral jutting but the only difference is that you can’t go back. you are then free to range the astral airliner and have fun or you could live in misery on the lower level because you weren’t ready to die and you lived a shit life and try to interact with humen( these kinds of beings are specters .) Eventually your astral figure will start to decay because it has no host and your astral figure needs to have a physical body to stay together for a long time. Once that happens you have a choice on whether you just wanted to incarnate or “ascend”. it doesn’t matter if you were good or bad in your previous life-time you can choose whichever because it’s not about if you were good, it’s about how advanced your spirit is and good and bad are just statements that don’t make any sense if you look at it from a spiritual and universal slant. that’s why you can find evil beings in the dmt realm because you don’t have to be good to get there, and there is always evil in every realm because you need it to balance out the very best( yin yang ). so that is my reincarnation theory, but i have no idea what happens if you choose to ascend. i would like to hear your chaps thoughts.

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