Dreams about death

Hello, it is my firstly Reddit post and english isn t my native languange. So i’m sorry for any mistakes. About one month ago, i start doing yoga and reflection. Then I find angel numbers everywhere, like 10 times per day. I started reading about astrology, spirutualty and tarots. I decided to buy a deck. That night i saw a unforgettable dream of my boyfriend’s fatality. He is the person I love most in the world countries. In my dreams, he was sick, couple of days later he was death. it was awful. i got so reliefed whem i m wake up … i grow up Muslim, i m not muslim now. but after this dream i saw the dream is an illustration and i decided not to buy a tarot deck. because it was sin, and if i buy the deck bad thing will happen to me. after this i stopped ensure angel amounts, i still want to buy a deck. but i am very afraid. what should i do? what is this dream’s mean? thank so much better for reading.

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