I am of the opinion that spirituality is purely psychological. Rather than see this as a detriment, it is the definitive and obvious proof that shows the power of emergent practices.

That’s all. I assure a lot of people say a lot of weird things now, and on r/ awakened, and r/ meditation etc. Making a great deal of adventurous demands about the nature of the universe itself, with good-for-nothing to back them up but a cluster of three thousand year age-old bibles or whatever.

Well there are people right now who are working to quantify spirituality in a science and clinical framework. Real smart pricks too. Parties like theeprc.org, or the “Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium.” Put some feelers on that Buddhist monk’s top and visualize where he goes inside his intelligence where reference is fucks off to heaven, that kind of thing.

We’re in an exciting time for both spirituality and psyche discipline. Because clinicians are finally starting to see the value of emergent practises like prayer, meditation, mindfulness, etc. A practice DOES NOT NEED to be proven as literally true-life in order for it to be proven to be wildly effective. And to me, that’s the linchpin to the whole thing.

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