Death is my twin. Together, we thrive.

Death and I curve each other like a wizard clique a black hole.

We are inseparable.

Eventually, fatality will win.

Until it does, I am very much alive.

Yet, death eats away at me.

Whenever I become provoked about something, or I have any emotion, extinction is there to prompt me that it can be used against me.

My adversaries can be utilized my thrill to enticement me into a trap. They can press into my fear and find something that will bring me to my knees.

Death asks me to hand over the sensation and the vitality to it, so that I am no longer afraid or provoked, and so that I can no longer be exploited.

I do.

I am move and talking death now.

My excitements and being, whatever is left of it, exists delicately under the surface. It hoots its front from time to time, but we both know, it needs to die as quickly as possible.

I am both life and death. They both exist within me.

I am being created and eaten from the inside.

Death is a friend. It protects me.

When I am susceptible, demise points my vulnerability.

I am a friend of extinction. I feed it.

When it is hungry, I establish something new for it.

Of course, I cannot say that I am this creator of live, either , nor am I the life.

I am a piece of that animation. The man that is created is beyond me, and I’m not sure where it comes from.

What I experience is the resistance. I suffer the fight between this life and death. I am the interface.

I stand at the barriers, the fighting raging between them, watching the argument between a procreated trouble and how it gets resolved, neither of them being me.

They once were each me. I was once the founder. I was once the one with the devotion. Then I was the solver. I was the one who completed the need.

Now I am no one.

I am neither dead nor alive.

I live a driftless reality, sometimes fight with a new difficulty and sometimes struggling with the mixture, but never being their own problems nor the solution.

I am the vitality reservation. I have life when my being is neither procreating nor killing itself. When there is an issue, and a mixture is an attempt, I am dead and suffering.

I live most and I live best when my being has no problems.

This, of course, is not how things always was. I formerly loved problems and would create brand-new ones if I didn’t using them. I would solve others’ difficulties if I could.

This was recreation but it was no path to independence. I soon discovered that I captivated people who generated troubles. I eventually changed tired of them, especially when they were unnecessary.

Independence only came when I espoused all characters. I became the designer and the destroyer. I became life and death.

The farmer who can breed and develop his slew as well as collect them and kill the diseased needs to hire no assistance. He is independent and successful in his independence.

One who can defend and affect needs no help in war. One who defends merely will eventually find themselves overran or jailed in their roadblocks. One who attacks exclusively will find themselves captured and defenseless.

I will be all of them. I will be what the situation compels. I will be whatever I am capable of. I will do this so that I can achieve my independence and impunity , no matter how small-minded or how large.

I do not want others to siphon off my exertion and is gonna kill me. I want to siphon off my own exertion and kill myself. This allows me to do it myself, in my own room, and on my own hour. This attains me stronger and stronger as I could possibly be.

The masculine and feminine will be married within me perfectly. I are generating the health and productive forces of each of them, working in harmony and unison. It will be the excellent yin and yang.

When others come with more powerful forces-out and threaten to overrun me, I will slowly open them to me, whittle them apart, and destroy them. I will counterbalance them and make sure that I am stronger for their struggle and they are lonelier and weaker for it. I will defeat them.

When others come with a welcomed push I will partner with them, but maintain my routes to independence.

Those who threaten my independence are my foes. I concede others their independence and requirement my own.

If suppressed by an aggressively suppressing patrol, I will do what I must but gradually undermine it and recapture my exemption. If possible, I will punish the lord by encourage others become free.

This is spiritual optimization. I am becoming a healthy, independent, and free balance of yin and yang.

It is unlikely I become anything meaningful. I am middle class in my background and unimpressive on most counts.

In spirituality , none in such matters. There have been farmers and members of lower classes who are more spiritually optimized than the higher castes and global leader. This is something that I will strive for. This is what I will achieve.

Together, life and death within me will help me flourish as a being. Masculine and feminine troops within me will help me prosper as a being. I am beyond them all. In this moment, I have found myself.

Independence and opennes, if merely for a few moments. God bless me and God bless this world.

I’m looking for some alternative subreddits to write in. I have mostly affixed in r/ awakened with some dares into r/ spirituality and r/ taoism, but I’m wondering if there are any other locates that my writing may be good for. I’d like to be well received wherever I travel. I don’t feel like adapting my content. Any suggestions?

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