There is nothing wrong with you for feeling pain as you raise your consciousness.

Find yourself feeling grief, apparently about nothing external, as you the developments on your spiritual passage? Well, congratulations!

While it can be embarrassing, even apparently insufferable at times, it is a incredible chances to clear negative vigor patterns. Some of these vigor decorations are also welcome to generational, meaning that you’ve unconsciously acquired them through household.

It can seem, to the ego, that you must be doing something wrong if you find yourself feeling these uncomfortable sensations when you are meant to be “high vibe”. Actually, the opposite can be true.

As you cause your reverberation, these lower vibrational forces can no longer survive in your vigour study! This means that they come up to the surface, ready for you to “feel them to salve them”. Too, as you increase your awareness awareness of your organization and your vigor province, you may become aware of subtle embarrassing vitalities that were always there, but now that you’ve increased your awareness, you notice what you formerly couldn’t.

So don’t be discouraged if you are feeling pain. Continue to practice great habits and cable in a positive world, but even if you are doing these things and you find yourself feeling down, is a well-known fact that your being has seen you ready to heal generational vitalities. That is something to be proud of.

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