Don’t let fear mislead you.

There are times when you interact with other people and you may feel an odd or embarrassing vibe. Trying to find the source of that vibe through mental analysis is fueled by the ego’s self-preserving efforts to eliminate any dread or “danger” to the relative “self”. This leads to judgement and premises of yourself and the other people involved, creating a( potentially snowballing) disharmony of exertions/ vibes.

Instead, don’t analyze the energy of judgments, passions& vibes when you know them, and don’t berate the ego for trying to respond to them. See them, and is submitted in response to all of them from a situate of still, deep, peaceful adoption … an power most people call’ love ‘. Letting that higher vibrational vigour flow through you will allow you to respond to life’s situations in the way that best composes growth& growth for all those involved. In rooms that is just coming up a sit of pacify serenity, rather than mentally/ emotionally fueled.

This doesn’t consequently mean that life is always sunshine& gumdrops, and that nobody will be challenged. Life devotes us those challenges out of necessity because they are the best opportunities to learn, rule& refurbish observing life’s energies and adopting them with’ love’.

( Note: Subconscious, gut feeling of true-blue& illustriou threat make reactions to occur organically and pre-cognitively. The above thought is located upon the apparitions of horror/ threat and how we respond to them .)

– @dam h.

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