Reclaim Your Feminine

Hello lovlies! It has been a hot minute but I am back with the next incidents of the Reclaim Your Feminine series. Eventually, I feel like our society has been reclining into the masculine energy of purpose and structure a little too much and we’ve been neglecting the slower, nourishing feminine. I guess the feminine is what will help us heal our world and this is why this serial is so important to me!

Here are the last two escapades that you have been able missed. Every week, we focus on a small way to represent the feminine so that we can all get back in contacts with that line-up of us.


Having A Good Cry& UNBLOCKING THE HEART CHAKRA – https :// youtu.be/ 6fOFuA6G4L4

Reclaim Your Feminine – THE SACRAL CHAKRA AND CREATIVE ENERGY – https :// youtu.be/ aWFPPIbirJU

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