I don’t care who are.

I will plow you like I do myself

Sometimes that might mean, plowing you like shit

You can’t hurt me if “youre trying to” bully me because that means you still care. 🙂

You can only hurt me if you don’t care about my universe

Making someone live to a thousand is worse than killing them.

i’m making you all live to a thousand.

Will you kill me for it?

For those that can’t live with themselves

I am offering a one time simply distribute

The ride of their own lives

One long DMT excursion

An endless sleep where to don’t wake up until you have learnt all your assignments and how to behave in the Real world as a nice human being

So, is it you people want the Red Pill? or the Blue Pill?

Aren’t I nice I give you policy options

All’s I want to do is sleep for immortality but I will stay awake as long as there is still ardour in the world

I want to live but I refuse to live alone

If i’m going to be alone all “peoples lives”

I will be the first to make the Blue Pill

As someone who has been alone ten years and not has become a bad catch…

I think as lovely, genu humanities can struggle to marry women in the world and others are captured in abusive affinities or carries they are not happy in.

General loyalty has croaked out of the window now days.

I think organized marriage is better, I think it is snipping it in the bud early, we get to make a judgment and opt someone who is isn’t going to hurt our children.

Of course I envision anyone should be able to sign up to this arranged marriage system at any senility

I think we should consent to this route of living

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