If this doesn’t go through, this is my last post. I’m wondering if I should get into witchcraft and spells. I don’t believe my prayers are working. I don’t know what to do.

A girl claimed I stole her bf and it wasn’t true. I was seeing a white-hot person at the time who was being a douchebag and a musician. I chipped things off with him. His friends had corrupted connections to law enforcement and intruders. For some reason, this girlfriend and chap wanted to emotionally precipitate me into coming arrested.

Before the court case even started the son overdosed. Then they kidnapped me and extradited me to another state. I was sexually beset by police officers there, humbled and affected because i’m a black both women and a grey girl claimed I stole her bf.

I was unfairly treated in court and didn’t want to go to trial in a state where I never been before. So I made a plea cope and went home. My friend was scared for me and looked into the hacking threats they made and told me they were hacking into my phone, even after I left court/ incarcerate. But the government has exerted a VPN so I couldn’t track their place. The daughter likewise started anonymously affixing horrendous things on my sheet like photographs of her dead bf and saying draconian things.

I lost my ID and it expired. I tried to send the last of my probation costs, but they said they never got it. So I paid off on it until my ID came. The probation man came unnerved and said, you were’t supposed to pay the court firstly. You’re supposed to pay us. So they wrote me up. I’m previously a poverty-stricken university student and they basically restrain besetting me based on lies and trying to steal money from me. She even told me that she knew I was gonna be mad when she did it before she shrieked at me. I called to tell her the money order arrived and she started gaslighting me.

I’m poor, black and sick of being bothered over a son. I never asked for this third party situation. They’ve been gang haunt me. I never stole anyones bf. I never even “ve had my” first kiss before. When I found out he worked another woman, I chipped him off and he got mad. That’s what started this. I don’t bully other women over lovers, she was trying to drag me into a third party situation and still is after he died. The same era she said I tried to steal her serviceman, another girlfriend contacted me to let me know he consumed her for terrible things. I felt sorry for her, sacrificed her paroles of impetu and trimmed him off, That’s when he targeted me, started cyber bullying me, causing me and announcing me out my name.

Please recommend incantations to earn court cases and deter gang stalkers. I live in MI, they’re in TN and keep trying to sign bogus authorizes. I repute the girl was messing with witchcraft before her bf even died. I prevented saying something didn’t feel right and it was ver negative vitality around the whole case. I’ve been crying and doing return to sender sorceries.

My family is creole and from a poor sphere of Louisiana. I don’t know much about witchcraft but I know they were magicians and i’m exceedingly instinctive. I’m crying right now because I bid I never fulfilled him and everyday I affliction him for doing that to me. My record doesn’t deserve to be ruined over a son. Its hard for me to prove multiple parties are besetting me.

I tried querying on other forums but my accounting is new/ they removed it. I know it’s a twilight situation but i’m sick of being bullied. This situation has dragged on for years. Anytime I ask for help from anyone, their stance is’ well her bf died and she said you stole him’. I don’t know if the devotions or return to sender charms have been working.

I keep being told I deserve to be bullied, gang stalked, etc. I stopped being a Christian because the people who abused me are Christians. They’re involved in that community and it’s a small town, so I was bullied. I don’t want to be religious anymore.

I keep praying, crying and praying. The people who do evil to me get away with it. It’s draining and hard for me to focus on school. I hate talking to them and they keep coming in my personal space. It’s really crazy tale, parties really label it off as me being completely fucked up. Especially since they idolize the Christians involved in the situation.

My innocence has been spoilt. It seems like they just wanted to suck my vigour from me.

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