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My whole journey started from my keen interest in palmistry and astrology. As i went into the depths of it, I learned more about life. I encounter people being so caught up in “making ” their lives that they forget Life is to be “Lived” and Not “Made”! I experience your best friend illusioned by the good-bad ordeals in life. People run through their young age towards achieving things, undertaking, ties-in etc and once they achieve these, often end up in great confusions in their thoughts regarding life’s role. I have considered numerous people of high rank and affixes who have this basic question .. What is the purpose of my life? I more had this question. I had been in immense perplexities, sadness and repetition of soul disbelief. Well, I must say .. I is and remains exploring myself. Yes, astrology and palmistry cured me understand myself and other beings better behavior. These are implements which are very accurate in telling amd detailing personality types. Peculiarly with astrological map, many of the worries, behaviour decoration, temper, each type of obstructions, etc is reflected of a person. I came gargantuan response to my free palmistry and astro deciphers. But I knew, due to the limited time I can devote for this activity, I could not helo each and everybody. Still I tried my best. And an Astro reading takes quite a lot of time. In personal chitchats, I tried helping people by telling them their weak and strong points according to what i saw in planneds. Nonetheless, With my regular Yoga and reflection events, I learnt a fact that Astrology and Palmistry are tools to know ourselves more effective and how maybe “peoples lives” will flow. But these are not everything. These can tell only “possibly” not “actually”.

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I will try to address each of you. But retain patience since I am not doing this full time and predict takes time. I enjoy You, I enjoys You!

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