Saw my grandfather watching over me

I exactly felt like sharing this experience – any of my non spiritually inclined friends find it creepy but I’m sure you guys will understand, it’s a neat narration that created me peace. [?]

I never knew my grandad, he was dead suddenly when my mother was 16. Ever since my spiritual rousing I have felt a strange connection to him; strange in the sense that I never knew him yet felt he was with me. I also remember going to a gentle room in the house as a very small girl to “talk to grandpa”. I would do that often.

I would always must be considered him when I read a cheeky robin hop-skip around or looking at me. This communication I felt was fortified about two months ago when I went to a medium – he was the first spirit guide through and she proved he is very protective of me. I feel so much love even thinking about it it’s so strange. He’s someone I never spoke to more I feel I know his power so well.

Anyways I never actually “see” feelings in person form – I witness bursts of light etc but that’s it. 2 years ago I was moving across the world and just before I left things precipitated apart with who I was going with and I was doubting my decision to go atall. I still find the strength to go and so glad I did. But it was the darknes before I moved and I was tucked up in bunked in between my 2 best friends having one last sleepover. I was upset, hesitant, precariou and they were doing their best to clap me up. I was about to drift off to sleep but something shaped me open my looks. I roughly pushed the girls out of the bed when I did open my attentions because right over my face, above me was my grandfather.

He was gone just as fast but it was him. His expression was concerned, observant. But not in a troubling action that frets or scared me – I understood immediately that he was there watching over me and gazing, stirring sure I was okay – and that gave me strength and consolation. I wasn’t alone anymore. His expression was exactly like the road a mother would be examined checking in on their sleeping baby haha

So remember, your flavor ushers are here with you now. Watching, “making sure the right people are around you” as the medium said to me about my grandfather. It’s hard when we can’t read them but they’re always there. [?]

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