Spirit guide intervention? Please help

Something really weird happened to me today. When I was walking down the auditorium of my dormitory, I examine a doorway in the foyer open. From the hallway, theres another set of doors and then a insignificant hallway that leads left to the lobby. I couldn’t investigate the lobby. As soon as I reached the bathroom, something told me to stop and realize who was coming in. Normally I wouldn’t have done this. For some reason I genuinely was almost like I needed to stop and check who it was. It was almost like my brain merely killed and attained me stay in place. Turns out, its a chap who I have no idea how to read. Usually I can predict people really well. We merely met a few days ago, and I dont genuinely know his intentions. I think he might ?? like me? He seems nice enough but my nerve merely has a little off feeling. Not inevitably a bad feeling, really kind of an strange feeling. My gut has been wrong before though. Anyway, as far as I knew, he was still inside the last time he snarled me, so I has no such subconscious reason to think it was him. Does this convey anything? Any presentations? I feel like this means something. I’m thinking it was a bit of a tone navigate intervention, but I dont know the motive for that. Positive or negative? Like I dont know what to think about this. I’m fine with uttering more context in the comments if you think of something to ask. My gut is telling me that this necessitates something but I have no idea what, I would love to leaping around ideas.

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