Looking for advice on dealing with fear

I am in care, practising incantation, and too studying the bible and the training courses of Buddha. I’m still brand-new to all of this( except care) and I’m struggling right now as I definitely sounds like I need guidance but don’t have anyone to turn to.

I was neglected as a child and as a result I still suffer from my childhood suspicions of the dark, being alone at night, and “monsters in the closet” per se. My mind often haunts on the idea of “something” being in my closet or next to my bedside or behind the shower shroud etc. I feel like it’s tower over me.

I’ve tried for months to talk through this in therapy and it hasn’t facilitated. I’ve practiced mindfulness meditation to simply sit with my fear and feel it without causing it overrun my judgment and arises vary. I selected a tarot placard reading to try and find the answer of what needs to be done and I was given that I need to tranform my dread and regenerate from the past in order to become one with that part of my dark. Which I already know lol but like HOW do I do that?

I have an anxiety disorder, which I’m taking medication for, but NOTHING assistances with my nightly nervousness. I’m so tired of this. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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