Sharing my twin flame story + journey..what are your thoughts?

TLDR at the bottom!

I believe I’ve met my twinned glow. I convened him when I was 22 and he was 25. I instant wanted to take care of him and I could feel his inner child needed charity and supporting. I have always been an empath and enjoyed taking care of others. After knowing him merely a couple of weeks, I had a moment where I was overwhelmed by sensation. I cried and he asked what was wrong. I said “nothing, I time be concerned about you so deeply.” I didn’t understand why or how. I scarcely knew him but my intuition told me he was significant. I gradually learned that he was incredibly closed off due to loss and trauma at a young age so there was a lot of push and pull in our relationship. It took hour for him to be vulnerable but he got there. I was his first and only devoted tie-in and he is easily my greatest love to date so needless to say, it was intense and complicated.

Fast forward 5 years, he has grown and healed so much better and became very emotionally intelligent and aware. He ascribes me and his younger brother for plucking him out the dark place he was in when I firstly satisfied him. He wanted to grow separately of me because he be able to rely me a great deal emotionally. I understood. We went through a repetition of intense off and ons which was depleting but also fulfilling, both emotionally and physically. There was never disrespect and fraud like most off-on relationships. It’s actually the most honest and open relationship I’ve ever had. We both acknowledge the strength of our bail and countenance when we need space to focus on ourselves. We recognized it very early on. We don’t know how else to describe it besides true-life unconditional enjoy.

Weirdly, just a few months before he planned to begin his spiritual passage, I knowledge stupendou loss and bereavement.( I lost my brother who actually opened my spirit to spirituality and I feel he is my spirit guide or guardian angel now .) At that site it was as if my ex and I swopped personas in our relationship for the first time. He was there for me through everything there is and took care of me in a way I hadn’t known he could because I never cause him before. A couple a few months later he left to do his soul researching and began his passage. I was proud of him. We caught up last-place night for the first time in 5 months. He is lastly starting to see how connected everyone is and is trusting the universe more. He actually radiates in a manner that was he never used to.

I feel as though I’ve always had insight to our relationship that he didn’t. I invested season understanding the psychological and spiritual aspects of our dynamic. I came across the term twin flames about 6 months into our relationship. It seemed so fitting and merely stretched to be accurate over age. He didn’t do much manifesting about our relationship until recently and is still sorting it out. He says he doesn’t receive me as a spouse but a best good friend and someone who will be in his life forever. We appreciate our tie and whether we are actively in each other’s men or not, we are here for each other. Accepting that is taking time but there is this part of me that can’t help but think he has more recognise and growing to do before he can recognize what our relationship means to him in the long run. A heap of the questions I’d ask him about his decisions about our relationship were answered with “I don’t know”. I told him it’s probably worth burrowing and could be helpful to know for future relationships.

I guess I skirmish because he is growing to be more and more compatible for me it seems. Our spiritual deems are aligning, our emotional growing is aligning, and our connect is stronger than ever. I am learning to be accept it and be happy that I have someone who truly does desire and reinforce me unconditionally even if it’s not a husband-wife dynamic. I goal him as a life partner and in his own behavior, I believe he does too. I judge I will ever hope he will process and discover that we truly are a great fit. Everyone around us hears it, I see it..he doesn’t.

Anyway, I suspect him and I will be followed by our pilgrimages independently and I’ll allow the universe to guide our relationship down whichever road it’s meant. I will continue to grow and heal myself and experience what life returns me. Friends, sweethearts, companions or whatever we evolve into, I wishes to express its appreciation for him.

Thanks for construe for those who met it through the whole post. Feels good to share this.

TLDR: I match who I believe is my twinned kindle. After five years of ups and downs and offs and ons, we are closer than ever. We are now healthier versions of ourselves and have absolute adoration for one another. We aren’t amply aligned but the evolution of ourselves as individuals and our relationship has really brought us closer. I ascertain him as someone I’d want to be with forever, he sees me as someone he demands in his life forever but not in the same way as I do. I am learning to accept that what’s meant to be will be but him and both know we are bonded on a spiritual elevation.

QUESTION: Does anyone have any insight/ feel any vigor about my place? What are your thoughts on twin flames? Feel free to share your floors!

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