Still experiencing depression through my spiritual journey.

I’ve become more in tune with my higher ego and in general, myself as a whole. However, I am still suffering recession.

Throughout “peoples lives” I’ve gone to many different therapists, psychologist and doctors and they’ve all had something in common. They’ve all told me that it is very likely I will know the depression I have throughout my life.

I’ve been on a move to prove them wrong, but even with all my daily practices and such, it just seems like I’m proving them right.

I’ve been participating in my jaunt for just about 4 years now and I’m applauding myself for how much I’ve grown throughout the last four years because it’s a substantial amount. I’m just a little sad because I envisaged perhaps this was gonna be my “end all” to the mental health problems I have.

If anything, it feels like its demonstrate me just how much I do suffers from said recession. I repute my travel is never discontinuing, it is therefore not like this is it for me, and I know last year was horrible for everyone and it emphatically frisked as a factor in it.

Does anyone else experiencing life long dimple go through this as well who is also on their spiritual excursion?

Much love and light-headed to you all.

TL ;D R My dimple doesn’t seem to be subsiding like I hoped it would during my spiritual outing. Do you experience this too?

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