just something that made me laugh..

so i occasionally struggle with intrusive or tedious conceptions. its whatever, i’m coping and my meditation tools are helping me to let them oversteps. but there was a day at work where i was feeling pretty good. vibing, smiling at strangers because i wanted to, privately listening to a ram dass lecturing with my bluetooth earbuds obstructed under my “hairs-breadth”. then the ponder came, thoroughly unprompted 😛 TAGEND

“i want to lose my ego.”

i fucking lost it, i giggled so vigorously that customers and coworkers turned to try and check what was so funny. someone asked me, but i couldn’t very well explain to them that a meta think had stimulated me bust up like that. gravely, i want to lose my ego? that shit is so funny to me. who do i think i am ?? sneaky stealthy 😉

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