The Kingdom of Heaven or Religion?

We wanted to know the important differences between the Christian religion and all other religions; between the one of the purposes of the Bible before Jesus was born, and the part after he was born, between the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of all other religious leaders. We “re not” interested in the small inconsistencies that most people argue about. We queried God to show us the important differences, and he did.

What we learned is that the Christian religion( as Jesus was educating it) is so different from all other religions that you cannot absolutely call it a doctrine. In many methods, the groups that call themselves Christian are more like the other religions than they are like Jesus and his first admirers.

There are some important methods that almost all religions are similar, and it happens that these things are, at the same time, the things that start them all different from what Jesus was educating. We will talk about six gaps.

A. Buildings

Almost all religions are deeply interested in constructs. They have numerous special identifies for their constructs, and in one way or another, they render more meter, fund, and love to the buildings than they give to God and other people. Different beliefs often compete with each other to offset bigger and more efficient buildings.

This strong interest in builds was a problem from the start, between God and people. The first bible of the Bible says that “Cain moved away from God … and made a city.”( Genesis 4:16 -1 7) It says that the people of Babylon procreated God angry with their interest in making a very tall building.( Genesis1 1:3 -4)

Religious people want others to love their buildings.( Luke 21:3 -6) And they become angry when other people say anything against their buildings, and all the money that they waste on them.

Why was Jesus killed? The Bible says that the one of the reasons why the religious leaders agreed on was that he was killed because he was against their house.( Matthew 26:59 -6 1)

The building in itself was not bad; but Jesus was against the LOVE that the people had for their house. It was a enjoy that they should have had for God and others, and not for a dead building. Religious today devote about 90% of their fund on houses, and less than 1% to help the poor. The Bibles says that where we put our money is where we set our affection.( Matthew6: 21)

When Jesus said, “It is finished, ” as he was dying on the cross, he was saying that God is finished with the nature of religion. God evidenced the truth in this by destroying the enveloping to a special place where the Jewish beings accepted God lived. He did this at the same time that Jesus died.( Luke2 3:45 -4 6)

Jesus had said to a woman before this happened, that a time was coming when it would not be important where people go to pray, but exclusively that they have the right spirit in their nerves when they pray.( John 4: 21 -2 4) In the realm of paradise you do not go to church, because you are the church. Deed 7:48) The first Christian to die for his faith died a few minutes after saying this to the religious leaders. And religious leaders become very angry when we teach this today.

The new part of the Bible is clear about the truth that God lives in the hearts of beings now, and not in houses.( I Corinthians 6:19) This is a very big and important difference between the church that Jesus was making and the buildings that doctrines all regions of the world are shaping to this day.

B. Health

Because religious beings love the building more than the God who lives in it, when they hear that God lives in our people now, they are beginning to love their own bodies more, and to educate that this is what God lacks. Again they are showing more love for the “container” than for the God who lives in it.

Almost all doctrines have schoolings about how to be healthful( Mark 7:3 -4 ), and they seek to oblige these rules equal to( or more important than) the really spiritual patterns that Jesus was teaching. Health regulates about gobbling flesh, sucking alcohol, exerting sugar, taking drugs, and other things like that have become religious regulations.

They say that people who follow their rules about state are more spiritual than people who do not follow them. But Jesus said, “Nothing that goes into your mouth can shape your heart bad.”( Mark 7:15) People was indicated that Jesus was an alcoholic and a animal because he was not afraid to drink alcohol and to eat food that the religious people said was bad for him.( Luke 7:34) He said that God can protect us from danger if we dine or potion food or water that is not good for us.( Mark1 6:18) Jesus said that Peter should kill and snack swine that his religion said were dirty animals.( Acts1 0:9 -1 6) This was because he craved Peter to live and work with people from other religions, who did not follow the rules of Peter’s belief. Health patterns can help people to be more healthy; but when beliefs procreate them into religious guidelines, they separate parties and attain each side believe they are better than the other side.

Many parties with health people are not humble. They have a sick feel. They do not have much true love for other beings. Healthy people can be cruel to sick people, by saying that the people are sick because they are bad and because God is angry with them.

God wants us to have healthful feelings more than he wants us to have healthful organizations. It is not spiritually important if we are sick or debilitated.( Matthew 18:8 -9) Often a sick person is more humble than a healthy party.( John 9:39 -4 1)

One day our figures will die.( I Corinthians 6:13) Doctrines that encourage people to pray for God to regenerate them often educate that “the worlds largest” spiritual people are the healthful parties. Healing becomes another force to separate beings. But in the territory of sky, we are not looking for perfect physical figures.( Romans 8: 23) We “re looking for” new spiritual forms, after our physical figures die.( I Corinthians 15:50 -5 3)

C. Special Religious Wars

Almost all religions school beings to do special religious activities that the people imagine will meet them spiritual. There are many different words for these actions. The religious call them “sacraments”, and the Jewish religion called them “sacrifices”. But Jesus said that God is not interested in relinquishes( or sacraments ).( Hebrews 10:5 -6) What God craves is love.( Mark 12:33)

Most religions school people to say magic words that they say will give them spiritual fortitude.( Matthew 6:7) The faiths often write out commands for parties to use when talking to God. This could go against the teaching of Jesus about confidential devotions in our nerves, where others cannot hear them.( Matthew 6:6) The statements we use are not important. God hears its own language of our tone.( Romans 8: 26) If our spirit is wrong, special oaths will not help. If our spirit is right, special texts are not needed.

Many doctrines school people to cut their bodies in some way, to show that they are better than other beings. The Bible says that God is not interested in this. All he wants is for parties to believe him.( Romans 3:28 -3 0)

Many Christians tried to make-up brand-new sacraments to take the place of the Jewish sacraments that followers of Jesus stopped doing. Jesus said that we should cover people with the spirit of truth that is in his schoolings, but the early Christians tried to cover beings with ocean, the course Jewish beings( like John) often did.( Luke 3:16) Paul started doing that too, thinking that there was magic in the ocean, but he abruptly learned that these actions separate beings more. God demo him that he should not be trying to follow the Jewish understanding of sacraments.( I Corinthians 1:17)

The actions that God demands parties to do in his realm are not special religious wars. What he demands is for us to obey his Son, Jesus.( Hebrews 10:7; I Samuel 15:22)

D. Religious holiday and Meetings

Almost all religions have special holy days and/ or weekly fits. They have these meetings over and over, because they believe it will offset God happy.( Hebrews 10:11) The problem is that the meeting or holy day is only for a short time. When it is finished, people leave the meeting or other holy war and return to living as they lived before the congregate. By the time another holy day comes around, they need to do the same things over again, because it has been too long between joins.

The partisans of Jesus lived with him, seven days a week.( Luke 8: 1) The Bible says that they “showed” that the kingdom of paradise change over time their whole way of living. The first Christians lived together seven days a week.( Routines 2:44 -4 5) They were able to use every day to do good.( Plays 5:42) The Bible says that we should not stop living together, the channel most people do today.( Hebrews 10:25)

The reason for this difference between religion and the realm of paradise is because religious leaders do not feed the people who follow them. Religious supervisors coach the people to work for money six dates a week and to give God one day a week.

Jesus said that people should stop working for money.( John 6:27; Matthew 6:24, 31 -3 3) If we stop working for money, we can work for God. When we work for God, we do not need a special “rest” day, because our entire lifetime will be filled with the rest that God establishes( Matthew 11:28 -3 0) All epoches will be holy days in the realm of heaven.

This teaching about God feeding the people who work for him is a teaching that no other religious leaders has the faith to teach their admirers. It, very, is an important teaching that fixes Jesus’ doctrines different from all other teachings in the world.

E. Leaders and Groups

Most doctrines are very interested in their leaders and in the rules of procedure of their radical. The settles separate beings in one group from parties in other groups. Because of this, beings from different religions bicker, contend, and start crusades against each other.

Jesus said that the kingdom of sky is invisible.( Luke 17:20 -2 1) Being in a group, or not being in a group will not make any difference to people who are in the kingdom of sky. You assemble the country of heaven by having faith in God, enjoy for others, wanting to know the truth, and being humble.

We find that religious people are more interested in learning the name of the working group, the name of our supervisor, and how our rules are different from their rules. They have a special interest in the differences, because what the fuck is actually demand is a reason to say that we are wrong and that they are right.

Almost all doctrines have special figures for their leaders. The figures become the leaders proud. Jesus said that we should not use special appoints( like Father, Mister, or Reverend) for our leaders, because we are all brothers and sisters in God’s clas.( Matthew 23:2 -1 2)

F. Studies about God

Religions have much to say about God. They say that they understand what God can do and what God cannot do. But in the country of heaven, the most important thing is to find out what God wants us to do, and then to do it. No one( but Jesus) understands all about God.( John 1:18) All God wants us to do is to listen to, speculate, and obey his Son – Jesus.( John 6:29)

Religious parties like to ask us a matter of things that do not change the lane “were living”. They want to know if we think there is one God or three Divinities, what we guess happens to us when you are die, what we repute about angels and savages, what the hell is conceive about Jesus being a man and God at the same time, and many other things that do not make any difference in the way that we live. If we give the “wrong” answer to any of these questions, they will use it to say that we are bad and they are good. But Jesus said that he is more interested in finding people who will obey him.( Luke 6:46)

In closing, there are other modes that the territory of heaven is different from all the religions of the world, but if you study these six access, they will help you to understand the difference between what Jesus was saying and what the religious leaders of the world are saying.

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