Spiritual attraction?

There’s a girl who I’ve receive twice. I haven’t doing things physical to her. She’s reasonably but not over the top. She’s not my type at all. Something about her not her looks, of course she’s fairly. And her identity is great but I still don’t even know her that well. She seems like a free spirit type which is good and bad but something about me feels soooo connected to her. I accompany her as a volume that I simply want to read and learn more about. I of course would want sex and all that good nonsense. But unexpectedly I feel like getting to know her more would be just as much of a payoff. I have been in love before but I have never felt like this. I certainly don’t know what it is at all. To me she’s a 10 because of something that I cannot pinpoint. I don’t get wise. I feel like I can feel her intensity her halo and even exactly a hug determines me feel so in tuned with her.

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