Gaining perspective has made me feel paralysed when I understood the fallacy of reality

Life is not binary and in each instant there are countless truths, views, worlds that “were living in”.

While questioning my own notions has helped me open up my attention to broader potentials, I’m also more paralysed than ever by the pressure to consciously choose and question my narrative at each and any appropriate moment , not that I feel like I have much ascendancy over it anyways.

I simply don’t know how to believe in anything when i know I’m merely bound to the limitations of my own understanding and experience of the world?

Some people seem to be more comfy with the the purposes of the act of telling their storeys and determining with it than others. I don’t know how to make peace with the incompatibilities of human nature, the tales parties tell about themselves, and life-time in general.

How can I feel more self assured when I know I don’t know?

I resonate with the saying that ignorance is bliss.

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